Xavier Project, founded in 2008, is a not for profit organisation operating in Uganda and Kenya.

Xavier Project aims to provide opportunities to refugees living in urban areas in Kenya and Uganda who are otherwise excluded from the means to live a fulfilled and dignified existence so that they will be able to take back control of their lives and make a positive change whether to their new communities or to their country of origin.


playdoA primary goal is to offer an individualised education for urban refugees in Nairobi and Kampala so that they can reach their full potential. We help children with reading in school provide sponsorship for refugee children to study at local schools.  In the holidays we organise extra-curricular activities so that they can explore the talents that might not be revealed in their formal education. This includes sports activities and music coaching and extends to activities such as community service and social media courses. In the long term we hope to educate men and women for others who can use their education to make their own world a better place.


livelihoods meetingAs part of a commitment to sustainable development Xavier Project’s Livelihoods initiative offers business services to small refugee run and Kenyan businesses that will grow in capacity and in time be able to employ refugees in formal employment.  One recent success of this programme is Rafiki Fabrix.




Tamuka is the media programme of Xavier Project designed to give refugees a voice so that they can speak out about the realities of their lives in order to effect positive improvements. Through hubs in Kampala and Nairobi refugees are able to publish, learn from and interact with unbiased information anonymously. The newsletter enables them to do the same without access to the internet. In the long term, we hope that Tamuka Hub Nairobi will create and support a refugee community that is competent and confident in airing their views and recognised as such all over the world.


Some numbers:

Xavier Project was founded in 2008. We have 2 headquarters spread across 2 countries. We have 25 permanent members of staff from 7 different nationalities. By paying school fees and through other support we are enabling 233 refugee children to go to school: 135 secondary school students in Kenya, 88  students in Uganda and 10 secondary school students in Congo. We run English and extra-curricular camps for all of these children 2 times per year.

We have a resource hub in Kampala with 12 computers, and a new hub in Nairobi with 40 computers. These acts as a base for our media platform which receives 200 SMS messages a month sent for free by refugees. We also publish a newsletter written by refugees which has a circulation of 5000 in each city.

We run a fabric business that employs 2 refugees and makes £450 per month for Xavier Project. We have opened a livelihoods programme which through business services aims to give 100 refugees access to employment within 4 years.

In 2013 Xavier Project’s consolidated income was £103,000 of which only 70% was unrestricted funding. Since 2008 our income has increased by at least 50% every year and we intend this to continue!