Community Service

Every December Xavier project students in Kenya spend two weeks working at the Mother Theresa home for the destitute. The home specifically caters for the physically and mentally challenged persons in the society and is situated in Langata, Kibera.

The objective of the service was to provide an opportunity for the Xavier beneficiaries to offer their free service to their community.

Some of the activities include:

  • Washing of cloths and beddings.
  • Washing of utensils.
  • Bed making and cleaning.
  • Cleaning the compound (scrubbing and mopping).
  • Helping in food preparation.
  • Serving the food.
  • Feeding those who can not feed themselves.

Each day after working all the members of the project gather together to share the day’s experience. Last year some of the comments given on the first day after work were;
“some people undergo so much suffering unknown to many_ _ _ _”
“I appreciate being able to do things by myself”
“There are always people who care”

After one week of volunteering some of the comments that were given include:
“Today’s time went so fast that I did not do all I had wanted to do”
“It was scary at first working close to these people but now its ok/normal”
“I was not sure that I will finish the week working at this home, but now am glad to have stayed throughout”
“It is satisfying to give your service to those who need it most”


At Xavier Project we consider it vital that refugee children are aware of their potential to help others, despite their challenges. The community service gives them that opportunity and teaches them how valuable they are to the community. The Mother Theresa staff are very grateful too!