Operation Come-To-School

Operation Come – to – School (Operation Enda Shuleni) 

In partnership with UNICEF, the Ministry of Education and Educate A Child we are aiming to get 7230 children back to school in Kenya by 2018. The two-year project has focused on schools in  Nairobi  and Mombasa  targeting refugee and host  communities. As an implementing partner Xavier Project is targeting four different parts of the education system which we believe are hindering the recruitment and retention of children in schools , including: 
  • Improving the quality of existing schools so that they are able to take more children
  • Working with schools to improve their governance and work with local communities to encourage participation in local schools
  • Assisting out of school children to overcome monetary barriers to education by paying for school levies and uniforms. 
  • Identifying the reasons why children are out of school and helping find solutions and address the needs out of school children.