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What is the Eneza programme?

ENEZA is a mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS) study tool which enables students to access education revision material for all primary subjects. The content covers every subject on the syllabus – English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Science, Social Studies, General knowledge and Religious Education. Students can access subject and topic specific quizzes as well as content tutorials/mini lessons via a user-friendly SMS platform.The students receive an explanation with every answer to ensure that they understand why they got the correct or wrong answer every single time. This SMS study tool also comes with the following additional services like Auto-Quizzes (Revision content aligned with the KCPE syllabus), live Wikipedia search, Ask-a-Teacher feature which enables them to ask direct questions on challenge areas they may be struggling with to qualified teachers who replies to them via SMS and Reports where they can access their performance progress in term of average and number of quizzes done.


Success in 2015

In 2015, Xavier Project registered 498 students under the ENEZA programme on free subscription. The students have done total of 45,000 quizzes which constitute to an average of 112 quizzes per student. Each quiz has five questions; Therefore each student has taken an average of 560 questions over eight months.


Plans for 2016

In 2016, Xavier Project virtual school running the ENEZA programme will expand the programme to different location in Kenya following the New Year Theme “Tech-Education without borders”

  1. Two top students under the Xavier Project School have been awarded full secondary scholarship for the entire secondary education. Top student under ENEZA scored 433 out of 500 in the Kenya primary national examination (KCPE).
  2. Xavier project will establish campus system on managing the expanded programme in different location.
  3. Eneza programme in Nairobi campus will increase students enrolment to 680
  4. Xavier project will also launch ENEZA Dadaab campus with target an enrolment of 1000 primary students in Dadaab refugee camp.

Xavier Project will be happy to invite partners to help with ENEZA programme expansion to all the refugee camps and other urban centers where refugees live.

With less than a dollar, you can support one student have access to ENEZA study tool for a month.