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There are many ways in which you can help the work of the Xavier Project. The most important way is by spreading the message about the living conditions of the refugees in Uganda and Kenya. The humanitarian situation in East Africa goes widely unnoticed and talking to friends and finding out more for yourselves can only be a good thing.

Summer volunteer opportunity and NGO Admin course

If you would like to volunteer at Xavier Project there is always plenty to do and you will be very welcome.  In August, we have a summer camp for our sponsored students and other children in the communities in which we work.  This year we will be offering a volunteer opportunity to work with these camps that also includes Swahili language classes and a week long NGO administration course. Please look at the prospectus below and contact if you are interested.

Volunteer Prospectus

Fundraising events

Do you want to do something for charity but don’t know which charity to support? In July, Nick and James will be climbing Kilimanjaro in the name of Xavier Project and are raising money on Global Giving.  They are trying to raise $5000 to help with Xavier Project’s education and livelihood programs.




We would be very grateful for direct or indirect sponsorship of individual children. 67% of refugee children in Nairobi cannot afford to attend secondary school and we have several wonderful kids such as Andrew and Maxi who are in desperate need of your sponsorship.

£50 a month will sponsor one child through secondary school. Alternatively we would gratefully welcome any donation from £15 a month. We are based in Nairobi, so 100% of your money will go directly on the children’s education.

If you would like to sponsor a child please email As a sponsor you will receive video updates from the children, as well as information tracking their progress at school.

Project Partnership

If you want to support the Xavier Project and you can think of ways in which we can help you then please get in touch. This could be in terms of creating links in the UK, Kenya and Uganda, or through the community service programme in which we aim to be of service to various charities in Nairobi and Kampala.


So far over 30 volunteers have spent time in Kenya and Uganda helping in the work of the Xavier Project.


The placements can be as short as two weeks and the work varies greatly in nature. There is always work to be done from providing extra tuition for the Congolese children to assisting the micro-finance initiatives. We welcome new ideas from volunteers who can see the day to day realities faced by the Congolese refugees and often have very insightful ideas. Please see the contact details below for further information and guidance.


Any financial support is always gratefully received. We have very ambitious aims for the Xavier Project and these will not be achieved without the generosity of many benefactors. The easiest way to donate is on our justgiving page and if you are a UK taxpayer your tax will be reclaimed on this donation. Alternatively you can send a cheque made payable to The Xavier Project to

The Xavier Project

Furzey Hill

Meysey Hampton




For more information on this or another form of supporting our project please email