Tamuka aims to enable refugees to better engage in their communities through life-long learning opportunities, awareness of rights, and protection of rights.

We have been doing this work since 2012, and with eight hubs up and running across Kenya and Uganda we are now at the stage of amplifying the concept from innovation to impact. The Tamuka Hubs serve as a computer centre, a classroom, an internet-access point and a venue for life-long learning.  It aims to provide refugees with the knowledge, hardware and resources to further their education and livelihood opportunities. It is a safe space for participants to learn, gather as a community and develop specific skills.

We work closely with existing community centre – supporting their management teams by providing materials , support with logistics and through capacity building exercises. The Tamuka Department is host to the Community Enterprise Cycle (CEC). The CEC methodically guides refugees through relevant skills acquisition until they are not only generating income but assessing the social impact of their enterprises on the community.

The CEC creates pathways to full engagement for refugees by providing safe learning spaces called hubs, running courses on soft skills and ‘Readiness’, hard skills training that leads to income generation especially through telework, and capacity building at the community level to promote sustainability. In 2017 we intend to expand the impact of the CEC by developing curricula, course content, assessment tools, training handbooks and management committee capacity building manuals so that the Community Enterprise Cycle for refugees can continue to expand across East Africa and beyond.