As an organisation born out a volunteering trip we understand how this kind of experience has the potential to change lives. We believe it is invaluable opportunity for any individual to travel, experience new cultures, meet new people and most importantly a chance to open your mind and push yourself to apply your talents and skills to something new.

For this reason we will work with you to tailor your experience so you can gain valuable knowledge and skills in the parts of the organisation that are of most interest to you.

As a relatively small organisation of around 30 staff, working in two countries, you will become part of the wider Xavier Project family and part of a team that works to improve the rights and protection of refugees through education in Kenya and/or Uganda. expect a hands-on role where you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the organisation’s mission.

At Xavier Project you will;

  • Gain exposure to how a small overseas organisation operates
  • Get hands-on experience of working on variety of educational programmes
  • Build relationships with the organisation’s staff, partners and beneficiaries
  • Be involved in the develop of new learning initiatives
  • Contribute to our mission to improve the rights, protection and livelihood opportunities of refugees through education

If you are interested, please download the Volunteer Pack and Application form below and email volunteer@xavierproject.org 

Volunteer Pack

Xavier Project Volunteer Application


Adam’s Story

I volunteered for Xavier Project from October – December 2016. I had just finished my undergraduate degree and wanted to get some experience in the development sector before starting my grad scheme, as I had long considered going into that field later on in my career.

I spent the majority of my six weeks working in the Kampala office. My time was split between teaching with the mobile library and helping to initiate an impact assessment procedure. The latter task consisted of reviewing the current impact assessment process, considering what data we had available, before writing a report summarising my recommendations for how impact assessment could be improved going forward. I was given a lot of flexibility in defining the role for myself and always felt people were genuinely interested in my input. These two roles aside, I also spent a week in the Nairobi office to get an insight into Xavier Project’s work in Kenya.

On the whole, volunteering for Xavier Project was a great experience I am thoroughly appreciative of. For me the best thing about Xavier Project is the flexibility they afford their interns which enables you to tailor your experience towards your specific interests, be it teaching, data analysis, web design, research, finance or communications. The fact that Xavier Project is so small also gives you a real insight into the difficulties of conducting development work at a micro-level.

More broadly, volunteering for the Xavier Project gives you the chance to live in two amazing countries for an extended period of time. I had several memorable weekends taking trips to Sipi Falls, Fort Portal and Lake Bunyonyi. Staying in the guesthouse is also cheap, convenient and a great way to meet people. Finally, the Xavier Project team are a great bunch of people who are always on hand to help and fully committed to helping the refugees that they work with. I hope to go back out to visit soon!

Preparing for travelling to East Africa

Be prepared for living in East Africa, pack smart, get your injections, and keep a sharp mind about personal safety.    

Accommodation: Xavier Project run Guest Houses in both Kenya and Uganda which are close to the offices. Accommodation plus meals, wifi and laundry is approximately £10 per day all inclusive

– Spending money: Kenya and Uganda are both incredibly beautiful countries with a lot to offer. We would recommend an extra £300 of spending money for excursions over a 1 month stay.