Young Ambassadors

About our Young Ambassadors Programme
About our Young Ambassadors Programme
The aim of our Young Ambassadors programme is to promote the work of Xavier Project through awareness and material support while giving the Young Ambassadors the chance to engage with our work and make a real difference to Xavier Project beneficiaries.

The incredibly talented individuals that you see here believe in Xavier Project’s vision and will be working closely with us, collaborating on a number of exciting projects and events. We will keep you updated about any projects that they are involved with.
Ollie Forsyth
Ollie Forsyth Entrepreneur
My name is Ollie Forsyth, I'm 17 years old. I am Founder of Ollie's Shop and The Budding Entrepreneur Magazine. I am also Co-Founder of UniBell and I left school aged 16 to persue my career as an entrepreneur. However, being dyslexic, I couldn't read until I was 15, I left school without qualifications but, I wanted to make the world a better place. I joined Xavier project because I believe it's vital that less privileged peopled receive the best education we can provide them. This will help them into employment at a later stage and it will also improve their local economy. By supporting Xavier Project not only are we making a difference but we are changing lives.

Fun fact: I love classic cars and TV filming. When I'm not working I often meet with friends but most importantly, have a blast.
Matthew Hopewell
Matthew Hopewell Student at University of East Anglia
My name is Matthew Hopewell, 19, born in Cambridge UK. I first met Xavier Project in 2014 when I traveled to Kampala with my Dad to volunteer with the mobile library and Tamuka's social media course. Back at school in Cambridge I continued my involvement, raising money for XP's sponsorship programme through the school's Lenten Appeal . Once I finished school, I spent 6 months with XP in Nairobi working as an Education Officer for Early-childhood Development, sponsoring over 80 children into Nursery school. I am currently studying my undergraduate degree in International Development and Geography at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. This coming summer I'll be back in Nairobi!

My main passions in life are wildlife, trekking and music. I aspire to travel as much as possible trying to understand human interactions with the natural world and promote equal opportunity. Being a Young Ambassador means a lot to me and I take the role very seriously, XP is close to my heart. Personally it allows me to stay committed to helping refugees, but I also feel a duty to share the amazing work XP is doing in East Africa, supporting children's vital education, providing life long learning and livelihood opportunities. Xavier Project is an amazing organisation with a powerful core value of solidarity with refugees, helping them overcome challenges far from home.

Fun fact: At the age of 19, I have been to over 30 countries.
Josh O'Connor
Josh O'Connor Actor
So, my name's Josh, I'm an actor living in London. I've been acting professionally for four years now and mainly work in Television and Film, though have done a few plays at The RSC and the Donmar in London. I've always taken an interest in Xavier Project, Edmund is my third cousin and we see each other every now and then at the odd family gathering.

When Ed asked me if I'd like to be involved I was ecstatic, I knew a bit about Xavier Project's work but still felt like I wanted to know more. So I spoke to my cousin who'd visited a couple of years ago, she had such an incredible experience over there and was so impressed by the work of both the volunteers and the refugees. I am extremely excited to travel over myself and experience it first hand.

Fun fact: I have had a strong obsession with Hot Air Balloons since I was very young, completely mad about them, but will never get in one, being scared of's a problem....
Ella Shaw
Ella Shaw Singer/Songwriter
My name is Ella Shaw, I'm an upcoming singer/songwriter who's been touring the country gigging and sharing my music for over 4 years. I was recently on ITV's Britain's Got Talent which has provided me with a great platform and opened many doors for me. My career is slowly growing and I'm having so much fun, but it's so rewarding when my fame can help charities such as the Xavier Project and many more I've been involved in.

I decided to be an ambassador of Xavier Project because I knew how much the charity meant to someone in my family. I also loved what Xavier Project was all about and thought being in the lime light myself could help them grow and raise more money. I love being involved with new things and it's all amazing experience and inspiration for my music too - I get a chance to see thing's differently and be inspired by so many people involved.

Fun fact: When I had first started singing I had an interview on a local radio station and they were asking me questions about myself - one question in particular they asked is 'what do I like the most in the world?' Me, being only young and very shy, just blared out 'Chicken' - I blew up with embarrassment and the radio presenters couldn't stop laughing. I've never lived that down and most people now know me as 'Chicken Girl' even four years later.
Ellie Wintour
Ellie Wintour Student at York University
I’m currently studying English Literature at the University of York. I grew up and went to school in East London. I took a year out before I went to university and got involved with Xavier Project. I went and lived in Nairobi for three months whilst I worked for Xavier on their Kasiryee or livelihoods programme. It was a wonderful experience, the team were amazingly welcoming and living in Kibera was incredible, with such a wealth of music and art. The Project is incredibly integrated in the local community which made living there a lot of fun.

I applied to be an ambassador for Xavier Project because I think that the work they are doing is invaluable. Their approach to the refugee situation is highly strategic and recognises the range of impact on a community. The three pronged approach of their programme tries to combat these varying areas. Whilst working there I was also incredibly impressed at the dedication of the team. I couldn't think of a better project to support.

Fun fact: After leaving Nairobi I travelled 12,654km by road to Cape Town.